A selection of six style settings matched to the subject or desired shooting objective is simple as choosing film for a film camera. Press the SET button while in Creative Zone modes and a Picture Style selection screen offers six presets (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome) plus three user-defined styles. Image characteristics ranging from beautiful skin tones to sepia allow you to adapt easily to shooting conditions and focus on your photographic aims.

Also assuring smooth creative control are “Picture Style files” for function expansion. Downloaded from Canon’s website and registered in the EOS 400D DIGITAL via bundled software, files like “Nostalgia,” “Clear,” “Twilight,” “Emerald,” and “Autumn Hues” offer image characteristics for optimal results from rare shooting conditions.

Save time and energy with the EOS 400D DIGITAL by simple connection to any Canon PictBridge-compatible printer via USB 2.0 High-Speed. Dual functionality in the Print/Share button enables direct printing and direct data transfer. For direct printing, just select the image from the playback screen, verify print settings, and press the handy button. Enhanced PictBridge functionality offers other direct print advantages like red-eye reduction and face brightening. A new PictBridge function lets you unplug the USB cable during printing once data transfer is complete. Which means you can use your camera sooner rather than later, before printing has finished.* For direct data transfer, connect the EOS 400D DIGITAL to a PC with EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk software, choose transfer items from the menu, and press the Print/Share button to download the images you like, even for desktop wallpaper.

* Only possible with a Canon PictBridge-compatible printer.
The EOS 400D DIGITAL comes bundled with the EOS DIGITAL Solution disk and applications like Digital Photo Professional (DPP) with Dust Delete Function and Zoom/Image Browser — all designed to work seamlessly for optimizing captured images and streamlining your digital workflow. DPP 2.2 for EOS 400D DIGITAL offers new advantages. The software now uses dust delete data of an image to locate specified dust spots and automatically erase them for crisp and clean photos. RGB Tone Curve Assist Function has an enhanced high mode. Last but not least, noise reduction settings are expanded to include JPEG images as well as RAW. These are among Canon’s solutions for finished photos that satisfy your aim.

EOS 400D DIGITAL also lets you make the most of advanced Canon technology and its compatibility with over 50 EF lenses that pair up with Speedlites for faithful image capture in a variety of shooting conditions. Battery Grip BG-E3 and other accessories make the EOS 400D DIGITAL comfortable and portable. In more ways than one, the EOS 400D DIGITAL gives you the power and ease to take you to the next level and help realize your photographic potential.