Firmware Changes

This firmware update (Version 2.0.0) supports the EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera. If you are using the EOS 40D, you do not need to update the firmware.
If the firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A is Version 1.0.0, the WFT-E3/E3A will not operate in conjunction with the EOS 50D (a firmware update message will appear).
In addition, if the WFT-E3 has the new Version 2.0.0 firmware, it can be used with the EOS 40D as well as the EOS 50D ; however, the three new functions of the Version 2.0.0 firmware below only apply to the EOS 50D ; they do not function on the EOS 40D.

New functions of the new Version 2.0.0 firmware

  1. Supports Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  2. Can transfer images in folders
  3. Can change HTTP port numbers

Version 2.0.0 firmware is for WFT-E3/E3A units with firmware up to Version 1.0.0. If the firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A is already Version 2.0.0, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Updating WFT-E3/E3A firmware requires a corresponding model of cameras.

Corresponding models : EOS 40D, EOS 50D

Before downloading the firmware update, please be sure to read the entire contents of this page.


Q & A

Q: What has been changed in Version 2.0.0 of the firmware?

A: By updating the firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A to Version 2.0.0, the following new functions are available for use with the EOS 50D Digital SLR Camera.

  1. Wi-Fi Protected Setup now supported
  2. Can now transfer images in the folder
  3. Can now change HTTP port numbers

*For details on these firmware changes, please download and read the instruction manual at the bottom of the page.


Q: The firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A is Version 1.0.0, so can the WFT-E3/E3A be used with the EOS 50D?

A: It cannot be used with the EOS 50D. Version 1.0.0 only supports the EOS 40D. To use the WFT-E3/E3A with the EOS 50D, it is necessary to update the firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A to Version 2.0.0.


Q: If I have updated the firmware of the WFT-E3/E3A to Version 2.0.0, can the WFT-E3/E3A still be used with the EOS 40D?

A: Even if you have updated the firmware, you can use the unit as is. However, the new functions of Version 2.0.0 firmware that support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, folder image transfers, and HTTP port number changes are not available for use with the EOS 40D. These functions are only available with the EOS 50D.


Q: What is meant by compatibility with Wi-Fi Protected Setup?

A: If your routers and access points support Wi-Fi Protected Setup, the wireless LAN setup process is simplified and you can easily connect the transmitter to a wireless LAN. For connection procedures, see the WFT-E3/E3A instruction manual.


Q: What is meant by transferring images in folders?

A: Images on the camera can be selected and transferred by folder.


Q: What is meant by changing HTTP port numbers?

A: This function allows you to select one WFT-E3/E3A unit that you want to operate from among multiple WFT-E3/E3A units that are connected to the Internet. By allocating different port numbers to different WFT-E3/E3A units, the WFT-E3/E3A unit with the port number specified by the computer is connected. For information on how to make the HTTP settings, see the WFT-E3/E3A instruction manual.


Q: How do I check the WFT-E3/E3A's current firmware version number?

A: Connect the WFT-E3/E3A to the camera, and then turn the camera on. Press the camera's <MENU> button to bring up the "Function Settings 1" item in the menu. Rotate the Quick Control Dial to select "WFT Settings" in the area below. If you press the <SET> button, "WFT Firmware Ver. X.X.X" appears in the area under the display. The number shown there is the WFT-E3/E3A firmware version.


Q: How do I update the WFT-E3/E3A's firmware?

A: These are two ways to update the camera's firmware.

  1. Download the firmware file from this Web site and install the update as shown in the updating procedure.
  2. Bring the WFT-E3/E3A to a Canon Service Center and have the firmware updated by the center.
If you choose the latter method, contact a Canon Service Center in your region.


Q: Do I need any special equipment to update the firmware?

A: The firmware update file needs to be copied to a CF card, so a card reader or a computer with a PC card slot will be required.

When using CF cards with a card reader, however, there are cases where a PC card adapter is necessary.

Other required equipment is listed below.

(1) Corresponding Camera (The battery should be fully charged.)

(2) WFT-E3/E3A (The battery should be fully charged.)

(3) CF card (64MB or more, 2GB or less)


Q: I do not have the equipment necessary for the firmware update.

A: Please contact a Canon Service Center in your region.


Q: How can I download the firmware?

A: The file for updating the firmware can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Select the compressed, self-extracting file appropriate for your OS and double-click to extract.

After completing the download and extraction, confirm that the following files have been generated :

Firmware update file

WFTE3200.UPD (2,038,428 bytes)

* Windows, Properties size
* Mac OS, Get Info, -> General information Size

If the file size differs from the above, please download the file again from the Web site. Also, firmware updating service is provided free of charge at Canon Service Centers.


Q: How do I update the firmware?

A: It can be updated by copying the downloaded file to an initialized (formatted) CF card by the camera, and then loading the card in the camera. Connect the camera and the WFT-E3/E3A, and then perform the firmware update operations.

Please refer to the PDF file at the end of this page for more details.

Please note the following when updating:

  • Do not turn off the main switch of the camera during the firmware updating process. When using household AC power supply, be careful of power failure.
  • Do not remove the WFT-E3/E3A during the firmware update.
  • Also, do not open the memory card slot cover or press any button, dial, or switch. If the camera's power supply is interrupted during firmware updating, the firmware may not load properly and the camera may require repairs before it can be used again.


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