Always on the leading edge of camera functionality, Canon again raises the bar by outfitting the EOS 5D Mark II with Full High Definition (HD) movie recording and playback functionality — a first for a DSLR camera*1. The smooth 30fps frame rate assures natural-looking movies in both Full HD at 1,920 x 1080 pixels and 4:3 Standard Definition (SD) at 640 x 480 pixels. Whichever you choose, you’ll appreciate the expanded visual possibilities thanks to compatibility with Picture Styles and the full lineup of Canon EF*2 lenses, including super telephoto, micro, fisheye, TS-E, and soft focus lenses. In addition, the ability to manually control aperture when shooting movies extends creative options*3.   Should a photo opportunity arise while shooting a movie, simply press the shutter button to capture the moment as a still with exactly the same image quality that is set for normal shooting. A built-in microphone records in monaural while stereo recording is possible via the external microphone input terminal. When it’s time for playback, view your movies on the bright 3-inch LCD monitor or connect the camera directly to an HDTV, standard TV, or computer monitor — the HDMI and A/V OUT interfaces make setup a snap.

*1 As of September 17, 2008
*2 Except EF-S lenses.
*3 Requires firmware version 1.1.0 or later.

These movies were taken with the EOS 5D Mark II, then converted to Flash format for viewing on the web. The image size and quality of the original movie may differ from that shown here.

Whether on the street or in the studio, Live View shooting enhances flexibility with a variety of settings for different situations. In rapidly changing environments, a quick autofocus mode (Quick mode) facilitates shooting. For simplifying portraiture and group shots, new Face Detection Live mode automatically locates a face in a scene and rapidly focuses on it. If it’s not the right face, you can use the Multi-controller to select another one. And when mounting the camera on a tripod to shoot static subjects such as still lifes or landscapes, an uninterrupted view mode (Live mode) gives you critical control over composition, letting you manually select autofocus points as well as visually confirm depth of field and exposure.   For speeding workflow when shooting in studios, there is Remote Live View shooting. Just connect the EOS 5D Mark II to a computer running bundled EOS Utility software and get easy access to focus, exposure, white balance, and other settings from the computer. You can even download pictures directly to the hard disk while shooting.   Other features include 5x/10x magnification for close inspection of subjects when focusing manually, and easy configuration of Live View settings by accessing only one menu screen.

Don’t let life just pass you by. Fast continuous shooting of up to 3.9fps for 21.1-megapixel images*1 and bursts of up to 310-shots*2 combine with fast DIGIC 4 processing to give you the ability to grab shots on the fly without missing a beat. Compatibility with UDMA (Ultra Direct Memory Access) CF memory cards hastens recording while improved Hi-Speed USB markedly increases image transfer rates for both in-camera and camera-to-external-device operations. For added flexibility, the EOS 5D Mark II has six JPEG recording modes and three RAW modes (including sRAW1 and new sRAW2), which let you choose image size and type to closely match your shooting requirements.    *1 Based on Canon’s testing standards using a 2GB memory card and shot at ISO 100 with the Standard Picture Style setting. Continuous shooting speed varies depending on subject, memory card brand, image recording setting, and other variables.

 *2 Approximate. Based on Canon’s testing standards using a UDMA memory card and shooting JPEG/Large images. Approximately 78 shots when using non-UDMA memory cards. The counter in the camera only displays up to 78 shots.

While you keep your eye on the action, the EOS 5D Mark II keeps you perfectly focused for tack sharp results. The nine-point autofocus (AF) sensor is sensibly configured in a diamond-shaped array for outstanding horizontal and vertical focus coverage. Nine AF points — eight horizontal-line sensitive at f/5.6 and one cross-type, vertical-line sensitive at f/2.8 — combine with six invisible Assist AF points to provide speedy and precise focusing of even fast moving subjects. Three AF modes let you choose the right focus strategy depending on your shooting requirements, and a manual AF point selection mode allows you to activate each of the nine autofocus points manually — a nice touch when your subject is off-center.   To provide accurate focus under various types of illumination, the EOS 5D Mark II automatically corrects for shifts in the focus point caused by different light sources. And for assuring precise autofocus of EF lenses, an AF Microadjustment setting allows autofocus response to be minutely adjusted to match particular lenses.