When you want unmatched clarity and precision shooting from a digital SLR, Canon’s EOS 5D gives you just what you’re aiming for – and more. This latest addition to the EOS lineup has the superior imaging, fast response, and elegant design to serve the needs and interests of serious enthusiasts as well as professionals.

Premier performance and convenient features start with a remarkable 12.8-megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, refined DIGIC II imaging engine, and responsive 3fps continuous shooting. Distinct advantages like highly customizable settings, direct printing, and wireless/wired LAN compatibility prove that Canon continues to earn its reputation for reliability and comfort.

The new EOS 5D is the model to choose for simple, sophisticated performance and accessible image processing of remarkably high quality. Enhancing all aspects of image capture by the full-frame CMOS sensor, the exclusive DIGIC II imaging engine delivers a superior tonal range for precise and faithful photos. Satisfying results also come from the all-new Picture Style function. With a choice of six Picture Styles, you can easily control sharpness, contrast, color saturation, color tone and more for greater image variety. The EOS 5D is especially configured for truly creative photographers who naturally demand practical ease with uncompromising performance.

Originally developed by Canon, this high-resolution, 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor sets the standard for its class, featuring a remarkable 12.8 million effective pixels for a maximum recorded resolution of 4,368 x 2,912 pixels. Second-generation on-chip noise reduction is enhanced for easier use with a choice of two modes: “Auto”, to engage auto noise reduction when noise is detected; “ON”, to engage noise reduction for all exposures of 1 sec. or longer. From smooth gradations and wide ISO speed range to effective suppression of false colors and ultra-precise white balance, this sensor matches the image quality found in the flagship model of Canon’s EOS digital SLR lineup, EOS-1Ds Mark II. These refinements are the result of sophisticated DIGIC II imaging engine technology.

DIGIC II is Canon’s advanced imaging technology that processes massive data from the large CMOS sensor at extremely high speed for photos of exceptional quality and definition. This accelerated performance contributes to highly responsive, user-friendly operation, including a fast continuous shooting speed. Color reproduction is extremely natural and details are incredibly precise, especially with gradations in the highlight areas. Such processing efficiency also keeps power consumption minimal.

Like choosing film for a film camera, users can choose the setting from Picture Styles that is ideally suited to the subject or shooting objective. Picture Style replaces the Processing Parameters and Color Matrix features of previous EOS DIGITAL cameras, bringing a uniform standard to EOS DIGITAL cameras that incorporate Picture Style. Users can select from 6 preset image style settings (Standard, Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful and Monochrome) and 3 user-defined styles, depending on their particular subject, shooting conditions and photographic intentions. The Standard setting, for example, replaces the current "Processing Parameter 1" on the EOS 20D.

Note: Bundled Digital Photo Professional 2.0 software allows Picture Style settings to be applied to RAW image data captured by the EOS D30 and later EOS DIGITAL camera models (excluding EOS DCS 3, EOS DCS 1, EOS D2000 and EOS D6000).

The new EOS 5D has an array of premier functions often demanded by photographers who want hands-on creative control and comfort in a camera. Accurate focusing, enhanced durability, and quick, reliable response will make inspired ideas come true. Look through the viewfinder or 2.5-inch LCD to see how bright and wide your vision can be. With the EOS 5D, Canon frees your hands as well as your imagination by simplifying shooting operations. As for post-processing, expanded PictBridge functionality not only saves printing time but offers new ways to shape the world you see.

The newly developed 9-point AF sensor with 6 Assist AF points provides speedy and precise focus detection plus enlarged subject coverage. With an extra 6 AF assist points added to the spot metering circle, the EOS 5D enables highly detailed focusing around the center of an image in AI Servo AF mode. Of the 9 primary AF points, the high-precision cross-type center AF point is compatible with f/2.8 and f/5.6 lenses, while 8 sensors are sensitive to f/5.6. Upper and lower central points, 2 of the 6 Assist AF points, are also f/2.8 and f/5.6 compatible. All focusing points are configured for quick focus in any shooting situation.

An extremely fast, highly durable shutter unit has been especially developed to match the EOS 5D’s full-frame 35mm CMOS sensor. The high-torque shutter-cocking mechanism is rated to 100,000 shots, attaining speeds from 1/8000 sec. to 30 sec. and bulb. The unit’s flash synchronization (X-sync) function uses an optically detected, contactless switch instead of a mechanical one, which contributes to high durability and reliability when a Speedlite is used and yields an X-sync shutter speed of 1/200 sec.

This 2.5-inch, polysilicon TFT LCD color monitor with 230,000 pixels maintains the same picture quality and brightness (5 levels) from almost any viewing angle (170-degree), whether front and center or upward angle. With the EOS 5D as your eyes on the world, you get an unimpeded view with a display area nearly double that of the EOS 20D. Other features to inform your perspective include easy-to-read menus, a full-featured info screen complete with RGB histogram and AF frame displays, and enlargeable reviewing images right after shooting.

Driven by the advanced DIGIC II imaging engine, the EOS 5D achieves a remarkable 3fps consecutive shooting speed during maximum bursts of 60 shots (17 in RAW) even for Large/Fine JPEG shots (with a Canon 512MB CF card). For rare shutter opportunities, the amazingly quick startup (approx. 0.2 sec.) and short shutter release time lag (75 milliseconds) will also help you capture the moment without delay. Another efficient use of your time is the fast transfer of data enabled by EOS 5D’s compatibility with USB 2.0 High-Speed.

New enhancements of the viewfinder include an improved standard focusing screen interchangeable with two others (sold separately) for highly customized viewing. The Ee-S Super Precision Matte for easier manual focus and the Ee-D Precision Matte with grid have different metering characteristics for variable shooting conditions. The choice of three Precision Matte screens is a feature valued by professionals for added flexibility and greater precision.
Note: f/2.8 or brighter lenses are recommended.

The EOS 5D helps optimize every shot with expanded PictBridge functionality. Printing beautiful photos is still done with minimum time and effort: connect to a PictBridge-compatible printer via USB port, select your image and print settings, and press the Direct Print button. But now you can choose Bordered prints with Exif shooting information, 35-up contact prints with photo number or date, 20-up prints with shooting information, or Prints with shooting information. These new functions can be enjoyed with the latest Canon PictBridge-compatible printers (released from second half of 2005). With extras like new paper sizes and the PC-less printing effect of Face Brightener, getting tangible results from your camera has never been faster or easier.

Highly durable yet elegantly refined, the body of the EOS 5D can be handled with remarkable ease. It features a highly rigid magnesium alloy exterior (including the Battery Grip BG-E4), a solid stainless steel internal chassis, and a mirror box of high-strength engineering plastic. Balance is effortlessly maintained from the redesigned grip to the top of a Speedlite flash unit. With a front groove on the grip for the middle finger to the enhanced metallic feel of the Mode Dial, this camera assures greater stability at every point.