VIXIA HF10/100, HF10/HF100 Firmware Update (Version

Details of Version Firmware Update

This firmware update (Version is required to use the new accessories compatible with the Mini Advanced Shoe, the VFL-2 Video Flash Light and the VL-5 Video Light, with Canon VIXIA HF10/HF100 and HF10/HF100 camcorders.

* The firmware only needs to be updated once. Once your camcorder's firmware is correctly updated, you will be able to use either the VFL-2 Video Flash Light or the VL-5 Video Light with your camcorder.

Units that can be updated

If your camcorder's current firmware is version or, this firmware update is required to use the new VFL-2 Video Flash Light or VL-5 Video Light.

To check your camcorder's current firmware version, follow this procedure.

1. Set the camcorder to Still Image Playback mode. Serial
2. Check the current firmware version.
3. Make sure that the firmware version is or earlier.

This firmware update applies to the HF10/HF100.

The following section will guide you through the process of updating the firmware on your own.
In the unlikely event that an error occurs while the firmware is being overwritten, the camcorder may not start normally. Carefully read the precautions and other information before updating the firmware.

The firmware can also be updated by a Canon Service Center. Consult a Canon Service Center for details.

Items required for firmware update

System Diagram


1. Computer(*) USB terminal and CD-ROM drive (**) must be installed
2. HD camcorder VIXIA HF10/HF100, HF10/HF100
3. Fully charged battery pack Battery pack (BP-809) supplied with the camcorder
4. Compact power adapter Compact power adapter (CA-570) supplied with the camcorder
5. USB cable USB cable (IFC-400PCU) supplied with the camcorder
6. Memory card Commercially available SD/SDHC memory card with a capacity of at least 16 MB
7. DIGITAL VIDEO Solution Disk(**) CD-ROM supplied with the camcorder
8. Firmware update procedure Obtained from the download page.
9. Firmware update data

* OS: Windows® VistaTM (with or without Service Pack 1)/Windows® XP Home Edition or Professional (Service Pack 1 or 2)/Windows® 2000 (Service Pack 4)/Mac OS X (10.3 – 10.5)
** Required only if the OS is Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4.

Consult a Canon Service Center if you do not have items 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7 (for Windows® 2000 Service Pack 4).

Outline of firmware update procedure

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Download the data and extract the files

  1. Proceed to the download page using the link at the bottom.
  2. After reading and agreeing to the End User License Agreement, enter the camcorder's serial number and click the "submit" button. Download "Firmware Update Procedure (pdf)" and "Firmware Update Data".
  3. Extract(*) the files inside "Firmware Update Data". A folder (a drive, in the case of Mac OS X) will be generated that contains the files required to change the firmware.

* Make sure you extract the downloaded files using the computer to be used for the firmware update.

Create a memory card to be used for the firmware update

  1. Turn on the camcorder in still image recording mode.
  2. HF10 only: Set the media to memory card.
  3. Insert a memory card(*) into the camcorder to initialize it. Initializing the memory card permanently erases all movies and still pictures on it so save them to a computer in advance.
  4. Open the memory initialization menu.
    FUNC. > [MENU MENU] > [MEMORY MEMORY OPER.] > [INITIALIZE] > HF10 only: Select [CARD].
    Select [COMPL.INIT] then select [YES].
  5. Start the "UploadFirmware" transfer software located in the extracted folder (or drive) and follow the instructions on the UploadFirmware screens. Turn on the camcorder in still image playback mode and connect the USB cable to the camcorder and computer.
  6. After the procedure is followed, the firmware update data will be transferred to the memory card in the camcorder.
  7. After the data is transferred with UploadFirmware, turn off the camcorder and disconnect the USB cable from the camcorder and computer.

* If you do not have a memory card (a commercially available SD/SDHC card), consult a Canon Service Center.
Depending on the memory card used, data transfer may take up to 2 minutes.

Update the firmware using the camcorder

  1. Turn on the camcorder in still image playback mode.
    Make sure that the SD card icon is displayed in orange in the index screen.
  2. Open the firmware menu.
  3. When the firmware version update confirmation screen appears, select [OK] and then press SET to start overwriting the firmware. After a short while, the firmware will be overwritten with the new one(*).

After this operation is finished, the camcorder will automatically restart and the [DATE/TIME] screen will appear.

*Download "Firmware update procedure (pdf)" and read it carefully before updating the firmware. The above procedure is explained in the file.

Verify the firmware version

  1. Turn on the camcorder.
  2. Make sure [FIRMWARE] is [].
    FUNC. > [MENU MENU] > [SYSTEM SYSTEM SETUP] > [FIRMWARE] > Check firmware.


Download "Firmware Update Procedure" (PDF file) and read it carefully before updating the firmware. The file contains a detailed explanation of the procedure mentioned above.

Firmware update Q&A

If you have any questions, please read the Q&A

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