PowerShot S40 Firmware Update
Installation Instructions (for Firmware Version

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PowerShot S40 Firmware Update (Ver.

Firmware update Ver. provides the following user benefit:

Supports Direct Print Function for CP-100/200/300 Photo Printer

Supports Exif 2.2

Supports ON/OFF selection of the power-saving mode while connected to a computer

Firmware update Ver. provides the following modification:

Modifies the firmware so that the exposure compensation settings apply in the movie mode

Corrects the phenomenon that caused occasional CF write errors when taking photos in the high speed continuous shooting mode

PowerShot S40 Firmware Version Update Chief Q & A

Before installing new firmware on your PowerShot S40, please read installation instructions ("PowerShot S40 Firmware Version Update Q & A") carefully.

Q: Is PowerShot S40 Firmware Update Version recommended for all PowerShot S40 users?

A: The necessity of updating can be checked by the following procedures.

Input the Serial Number of your camera in the box on the bottom of the Download Page, and then click "submit" button. If your camera needs updating, a downloading screen for the Firmware Update Data will appear.
You do not have to update the firmware to this version if you have already done so.

Q: Do I need any special equipment to install the PowerShot S40 firmware update?

A: In addition to the PowerShot S40 itself, you will need the following equipment:
  • Fully charged NB-2L battery pack
  • CF card with 2MB or greater total capacity. 

Q: How do I update the PowerShot S40's firmware?

A: Two methods of firmware updating are provided for you: One is to load it by yourself directly from this web page, as described in the PowerShot S40 Firmware Installation Procedure. Another is to have the new firmware installed by the Canon Service Center in your country or region, or the local Canon Distributor mentioned in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS).

If you choose the latter method, please contact :

The Canon Customer Support Center mentioned in the Camera User Guide : For USA and all other regions, except Europe

The Local Canon Distributor listed in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS) : For Europe