PowerShot A40 Adjustment Program Instructions

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Adjustment Procedures

PROCEDURE 1 : Copy the "PSA3040.FIR" File to the CF Card

Two methods are provided for copying the "PSA3040.FIR" file to the CF card.



1. Insert the formatted CF card into the card reader.

2. Copy the "PSA3040.FIR" file from the downloaded data to the CF card.

Note :

Please confirm that both the copied file on the CF card and the original one on your PC have the same file size before proceeding with the camera adjustment.

Windows® : Right-click the file icon and select [Property]
Mac OS : Click the file icon while pressing the control key and select [Information]

* If you use a PC card reader or a notebook type PC with a PC card slot, a CF-to-PC card adapter is required.



1. Insert the CF card into the camera, and connect it to the PC* with an USB cable.
2. Double-click the "UploadFirmware" in the "A3040_Adjustment" folder, and follow the instructions so that the "PSA3040.FIR" file can be copied onto the CF card in the camera **.


Including Windows® XP with the latest version of driver software.


The Main Dial of the camera should be set to (Replay) mode while the PC is connected.

When you attempt to transfer the data to the CF card in the camera with the "UploadFirmware", do not open the CF card slot cover, turn the Main Dial or turn the power off until the data transfer is completed.

Any of the above operations during data transfer will disable the camera adjustment.

PROCEDURE 2 : Start the Camera with Replay Mode


Ensure the camera is powered by the brand-new alkaline batteries or fully charged NB-1AH nickel-metal-hydride batteries.

We recommend owners of the ACK600 AC adapter kit to use the adapter kit.


Insert the CF card in the camera.


Start the camera with (Replay) mode.

PROCEDURE 3 : Select "Adjust Camera" from the Menu

Press the "MENU" button to display the Play menu, and then select "Adjust Camera" from the menu.

If the "Adjust Camera" option is not available from the menu, then the "PSA3040.FIR" file was not copied correctly to the CF card. If this is the case then return to Step 2.

Press "SET" button, and then select "OK".

PROCEDURE 4 : Press the "SET" Button to Start

Press "SET" button to start executing the camera adjustment.

Precautions :

If you wait more than 5 minutes between Procedures 3 and 4, the camera will cancel the menu and turn off using its Auto Power Off function when you press the MENU button.
In this case the camera is not adjusted. To adjust the camera please return to PROCEDURE 2.

Do not turn the power off while installing the camera adjustment program.
Do not open the CF card slot cover, press any camera buttons or jar the camera body during the adjustment program installation.

The adjustment will complete in a few seconds.

The message shown on the right will be displayed on the LCD monitor when the adjustment is complete.

Pressing "SET" button the camera turns off.

That's all the camera adjustment.

You can select [Adjust Camera] from Play menu after adjustment. Once you have successfully adjusted the camera, you cannot adjust it again.

The message shown on the right will be displayed on the LCD monitor.

If you wish to use the CF card for taking pictures, initialize the card using the procedure outlined in Step 3.

If You hear Constant Beeping while Adjusting the Camera

There is a possibility that the adjustment program installation has failed.

Please remove the battery from the camera or disconnect the plug of Compact Power Adapter from your household outlet to stop the beep.

If you hear constant beeping, please consult :

For USA and all other regions, except Europe : The Canon Customer Support Center
mentioned in the Camera User Guide
For Europe : The Local Canon Distributor
listed in the Canon European Warranty System List (EWS)


The CF Card used is necessary for repair.
Please do not erase the files in it, and attach it with your camera for repair.

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