PowerShot A40 Adjustment Program Instructions

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Preparation for Installing the Adjustment Program

STEP 1 : Download the Procedure File

Save the camera adjustment procedure file (PDF).

To view PDF files, Adobe® Acrobat® ReaderTM should be installed in your computer. Please install it before installing the adjustment program.

PowerShot A30/ A40 Adjustment Procedure (PDF file)

Windows® : Right-click the link, and save the PDF file.
Mac OS : Click the link with the control key down. The context menu is displayed next to the cursor and then select the "Save"(Download) in the menu.

STEP 2 : Download the Camera Adjustment File from the Download Page

In order to download the camera adjustment file from the download page, you will need the serial number that is written on the bottom of your camera. Please check the number carefully before entering it on the download page.

Download the camera adjustment file* that is suited to your computer's operating system. The file is a self-extracting compressed archive. Double-click it for extraction.

* For Windows 98/ Me/ XP/ 2000, Mac OS 8.6-9.2

After downloading and decompressing the file, verify that the "A3040_Adjustment" folder contains the following files.

For Windows :

For Mac OS :

Windows® users may need to adjust their folder view setting to "see hidden files" in order to see all the files.

Make sure that the size of the file you downloaded matches the file size shown in the 'PowerShot A30/A40 Adjustment Procedure' file (PDF).

STEP 3 : Preparing the CF Card

Check that the CF card does not contain any important files or images; all files will be deleted from the card at the start of this procedure.

Insert the CF card into the camera, and start the camera with shooting mode.

Press "MENU" button and select "Format CF card?" and then accept the confirmation to initialize the CF card.

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